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If you have found the perfect career path for you, we know you will want to go the extra mile to land that job and show what you are really capable of. That’s where a brilliant cover letter comes in useful. This month, we look into why a cover letter could give you the perfect edge over other applicants and how a local recruitment team, like Perfect Team, could help you finalise it. If you aren’t sure where to start writing a great cover letter, check out our latest blog to get insight into the boxes you should be ticking off.

Cover letters are so essential to grab your readers attention

A cover letter is a chance for you to get your personality across that lets your prospective employer see why they should be hiring you over everyone else. Using your opening line to connect with the company you are applying to will grab your readers attention and show them that this isn’t just another typical cover letter. Take the time to check out the company morals and values to show them that you have put effort into this letter. Use your cover letter to explain your reason for applying to this role. If you are making a career change, demonstrate your transferrable skills and what attracted you to the industry. If you are staying in the same sector and attempting to gain a higher position, give the reader your most substantial positive results and fantastic experience in the industry so far. Don’t forget to consider your closing line. Opening communication for next steps such as ‘i would really like to schedule a time to talk further’ or ‘I would love to speak with you about how I can contribute further’ will leave your reader feeling positive that you are committed to your chosen role. Thanking them for taking the time to read your cover letter is also incredibly important – it shows you are gracious for their busy time.

Your local recruitment team can help to formulate your letter

It can be challenging to get your cover letter right, particularly if you are going for a position that you know is popular and highly coveted. This is where your local recruitment team can come to your rescue. At the Perfect Team, we work with many candidates who are applying for roles we are supporting. They are always grateful for our insight into the company’s ethos and the type of cover letter and CV that are likely to pack a positive punch. When you decide to sign up with a local recruitment team like Perfect Team, we won’t just put you forward for a job. We will work with you to build your CV, cover letter and interview skills to give you the best possible chance of succeeding in the position you decide to go for. We have years of experience in the recruitment industry and therefore have the skills and knowledge to support you where it counts.

The benefits of writing a great cover letter

There are so many benefits to writing a great cover letter and not only because you get to expand on the content you have written within your CV: Building relationships with your prospective employer – There is no time like the present. Start building those relationships now so you can align your career goals and feel like a part of the team from the outset. A chance to tell your story – A CV, whilst practical for setting out your skills and experience, doesn’t give the opportunity to let your personality shine through. This is where a cover letter comes in handy. Use it as a chance to define yourself and give your prospective employer a chance to get to know a little more about you before the interview. Explain your relationships with your referees – whether you are a recommendation for the role by someone within the company or through a network of people, your cover letter can give you the chance to explain this and why you have chosen to apply for the position. Highlight the right experiences – Again, your CV will display all your previous positions and the knowledge you have gained from these; however, calling upon one or two specific experiences in your cover letter will support you to confirm why you will be fantastic in the role you have applied for.

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The Perfect Team are the local recruitment team that can help you find your career path

At Perfect Team, there is nothing we enjoy more than watching our candidates successfully apply and start with the company of their dreams. That is why we work so hard for our candidates and our clients to ensure that they match perfectly, and both are very happy moving forward. If you are looking for the perfect role, why not contact Perfect Team today and register on our website? We can support you to find the best position and get your cover letter and CV into order, so it sells you to your next employer.