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The current state of the UK job market

It is no secret that there is currently some severe unrest within the job market. Yet it’s not the usual too many jobs and no candidates scenario we have come to expect in the UK. Since the pandemic hit us, it has been reported that there are many job vacancies but no candidates to fill those positions. Based on the Office for National Statistics data, we have seen a record number of job switches across the UK. In 2021, vacancies reached 1.1 million, the highest level since 2001, when we started recording this data. So why are we seeing such a significant rise in vacancies without candidates to fulfil the positions? The pandemic brought about furlough, redundancy and concern around the unstable UK job market. Industries that have been affected by this include hospitality, construction and healthcare. It would appear that focused labour roles are hard to recruit, even with the unemployment rate in the UK hitting 3.8%. Although this is lower than pre-pandemic times, we also have to consider the lack of overseas workers thanks to the Brexit policy that came into force in January 2020.

What can employers do to improve their recruitment?

This concern in the UK job market has left employers worrying about how to fill their positions and how to retain the staff currently working for them. If you are one of these employers, we have some top tips for you to keep hold of your team and obtain the candidates you have sourced:

Keep in contact with your candidates

This may seem like a simple suggestion, but it’s surprising to know the number of employers who don’t keep in contact with their candidates during the hiring process. This often leaves candidates feeling hostile towards the position, meaning they will find employment elsewhere.

Consider hybrid working roles

If your hiring position can be split between the office, site and home, why not consider making it a hybrid role. This could attract the desired number of candidates as many are looking for this type of position to fit in with their accustomed lifestyles post-pandemic. Creating hybrid roles could also save your business finances in the longer term.

Support your current staff team

Every employee is feeling the strain now. With positions not being filled, someone has to pick up the extra responsibilities, which generally fall to our current team. Ensure you are supporting your team with supervisions, discussions and training if required to keep morale boosted within the group.

Do your wage brackets need to be amended?

The pandemic brought job losses, business closures and financial restructures to keep companies afloat. Many workers had to go through pay cuts to support the business during these difficult times. But have you reviewed your pay scheme since the pandemic? Many candidates and staff members are now looking for positions that match their pre-pandemic wages.

The future of the UK job market

Unemployment is expected to remain high due to government support being tapered off and businesses adapting to lower levels of demand. Places more reliant on these sectors may experience particular difficulties. The pandemic has accelerated several pre-existing trends such as globalisation, digitalisation, climate change, ageing populations, and the rise of artificial intelligence. Those who continued to work during the pandemic have gotten used to the remote working lifestyle, and many are now looking for this in their future positions. Wages across many sectors have decreased due to budget constraints, leaving many skilled workers with a bigger pay gap – something they are looking to fill in a new position. Thanks to redundancy and furlough, the pandemic made it harder for ‘unskilled’ workers to enter employment. Those who managed to find jobs during this time have often left the sector they were in, favouring new positions in a different industry. There are many types of jobs available, but we need to focus on improving the quality of those jobs. We should make sure that everyone gets a chance to learn new skills. This means giving everyone an opportunity to get a better education and learn. Young people should get more help getting jobs. People at risk of being made redundant by technology should be given extra support.

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Perfect Team is here to support the UK job market in 2022

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