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Best Businesswomen Awards Silver Winner 2023

What Makes a ‘Best Businesswoman’?

The 2023 Best Business Women Awards took place on Friday 22nd September at Hilton Wembley, London. 

We are delighted to announce that Ruth Goodmaker (founder & CEO of Perfect Team) was named a silver winner in two categories:

  • Best Businesswoman in Business Services (sponsored by VAVA VOOM)
  • Best Solopreneur (sponsored by Scott Media)

“I’m so happy to have been nominated [and won] for such a prestigious award…and not once, but twice!

It means so much to myself, and to my hard-working team, to receive such recognition for all the hours developing the Perfect Team brand and vision. So, thank you so much to all those people who nominated us. 

Why was Perfect Team nominated?

This was a prestigious event – there were over 700 entries to be whittled down to a shortlist of 6-8 businesswomen for each award. 

For their shortlist, the judges were looking for drive, innovation and that special X factor. 

We had a quick chat with Ruth to delve a bit deeper into the issues the judges will be considering when making their final decision.

Q. What was the motivation behind setting up your business?

I set up Perfect Team in 2000, having previously worked in a number of high street recruitment firms. 

However, I felt that, by and large, they were missing the personal touch, concentrating on placing candidates rather than connecting people…with the upshot that I saw a lot of expensive hiring mistakes.

The service that I set out to offer was a very personal one – personal to each company, rather than a one size fits all. I took a lot of time getting to meet and understand each client and their particular needs, then handpicking the candidate with the right personality and skills for that role.  

Done properly, recruitment becomes a virtuous circle – allowing the business to run with no interruptions and only meeting the right candidates – done badly, it becomes a vicious spiral.

And me, I’m all about circles!

Q. How has your company learned to pivot during difficult times?

Let’s take COVID-19 as an example, which wasn’t so very long ago…

Once again, it was the personal touch which served me so well. Knowing my clients and understanding their needs, I continued to search for candidates in respect of roles that had been put on hold owing to COVID-19, knowing that they would still be needed once lockdown had eased.  

Which is exactly what happened.

Q. What will you continue to do in the future to make your business stand out?

The same as I have done for the past 23 years – continue to work with companies that I know, like, trust, and who feel the same way about me.  

These companies don’t want their time wasted seeing irrelevant candidates or being bombarded by CV’s.

I understand that – I respect their time and hopefully they will continue to respect my expertise.

Thank you for all your support and for making it an unforgettable night!

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